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Brass Fittings

Brass Fittings

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Brass Fittings CA132

CA132 Features: Olives Unions Flare Nuts Reducing Bushes 33 Types Kit Contain..

$198.22 Ex Tax: $163.52

Brass Fittings CA134

CA134 Features: •Single and Double Unions •Nuts •Elbows •22 Types Kit Contains:..

$125.29 Ex Tax: $102.74

Brass Fittings CA178

CA178 Features: •Single & Double Unions •Dole Nuts •M/F Elbows •Nipples & P..

$203.16 Ex Tax: $167.63

Brass Fittings CA70

CA70 Features: •Adaptors •Tails •Elbows •Nuts •Connectors •20 Types Kit Con..

$125.29 Ex Tax: $102.74

Brass Olives CA1412

CA1412 Features: Suits Copper & Nylon Tube Sizes: Copper 1/8" to 1/2" & Nylon 3..

$117.50 Ex Tax: $96.25